POSCO DAEWOO Corporation, formerly known as DAEWOO International Corporation, is the owner of the “DAEWOO” trademark in more than 160 countries worldwide. Since DAEWOO established in 1974, we have registered over 3,500 patents around the world and have been actively serving our customers with not only a renowned brand but also with top quality and innovated products.

The “DAEWOO” trademark is not just a symbol of guaranteed quality, it is also an appealing brand for consumers, who pursue brands that provide assurance and recognition.

Accept our invitation and join the DAEWOO to enjoy wonderful Experience!


We are aiming to take another leap forward to grow from a trading company into a 'Global Integrated Corporation' as a comprehensive business solution provider that leads the global market.

For this, we will place the greatest focus on our core business of steel-making, oil and gas to reach a major player in the global arena. In the field of steel-making, we will enlarge our applicated scope of solution trading capabilities. In the field of oil & gas, except the Myanmar gas field, we will strive to achieve continued successful in our ongoing exploration and mining area development projects. We are also planning to focus our resources on businesses of strategic importance – such as food,automobile parts, and IPP (independent power producer), around our core businesses and expand our value chain then thus improve our business competence.


POSCO DAEWOO takes pride in being a leader in complying with international standards for human rights and environmental protection and in adhering to fair trade practices. We always continue our work to make fair trade practices which is considered as an essential part of our corporate culture by implementing our Fair Trade Compliance Program. Furthermore, we focus on ensuring the trust and admiration of the communities we serve by sharing what we have with others and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

Our goal is to operate as a company that evolves in a sustained manner. To this end, we will make each and every business sector stronger and more robust through our unwavering commitment to innovation.